Canvas Floor Cloth Quote Request

This age-old covering for wood or tiled floors are hand painted in our studio using 10 oz canvas with exterior primers, paints and urethane finishes for years of incredible durability.

How it's made

The canvas can be cut to any size you desire, which then is treated to three coats of primer, followed by three coats of base paint. Next, the design is drawn and painted with two additional coats.  Lastly, the finish of two coats of polyurethane and a coat of rubbed wax is applied.


Pricing is calculated by the square foot.
Simple geometric or stenciled rugs are $20 per square foot.
Simple florals are $25 per square foot
Painted scenes are $29.00 per square foot
Custom pieces are priced on complexity

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To calculate the price of your Custom Canvas Floor Cloth:

Length of your floor cloth X width of your floor cloth X per square foot price

Example: For a 5' X 10' simple geometric or stenciled rug:

5' X 10' X $20 = $1,000

We will be happy to discuss your floorcloth design and colors with you, by phone or email.

Please note, payment in full is required when placing your order for this custom piece.